Microfleece and Microfiber

What’s The Difference Between Microfiber and Micro-Fleece Sheets

The fabrics used to create Microfiber and microfleece sheets come from the factory with a variety of unique names that are often confusing to consumers, which can make choosing the right material problematic. But a big difference exists between microfiber and microfleece sheets that can affect the sleep you get and how comfortable you are in your bed.

Facts About Microfiber

You won’t find a thread count listed on your microfiber sheet label because of the way they are made. The fabric is spun at roughly half the diameter of a fine silk fiber in a spinneret. A silk fiber is approximately 1.25 denier, making a microfiber roughly 0.9 denier. A denier is a unit of measurement for the linear density of fibers, typically man-made. Microfiber fabrics are made from polyester, nylon or acrylics, depending upon the manufacturer.

Microfiber Sheets

When you first touch a microfiber sheet, you may be amazed at how soft it feels. Microfiber is as an alternative to high-end cotton sheets. It offers more warmth and a softer touch than most super-high-thread-count cotton sheet sets. The sheets are lightweight, resist wrinkling and piling and are strong and durable. One issue to be aware of is that if you dry them on the “hot” setting in the dryer, you could end up scorching or glazing the fabric because of how well they absorb and retain heat. Our ultra soft sheets feature 3M stain resistant protection. They are the perfect weight for summer time use. 8 fashionable colors to choose from. These microfiber constructed sheets are machine washable and have quick drying properties.

Microfleece Sheets

Fleece and microfleece fabrics also come from man-made materials. Our microfleece sheet sets are 100% polyester. Microfleece sheets have a small “pile” to the fabric, meant to replicate the feel of flannel. The fabric repels water and dries quickly. They also trap heat to keep you warm and cozy in the cooler months of the year. Because the materials are man-made, microfleece sheets offer an alternative to cotton flannel sheets at a cheaper price with a more luxurious plush feel.

Picking Between the Sheets

The differences between the sheets start with microfleece’s lush, soft feel with a little pile or nap to the sheet as opposed to microfiber, which has a completely different type of finish. If you tend to get cold between the sheets, both microfiber and microfleece both offer a warm night’s sleep. Microfleece only has the plush feeling on one side (the side that touches your body). The other side of microfleece sheets is similar to that of microfiber sheets.



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  • Great product at a great price

    Seems at all of the brick & mortar stores in my area, if you can get a set of sheets for $70, you’re getting a good deal. I was needing a set of queen sheets for a guest bedroom and didn’t want to spend that kind of money. I figured for the price I would give these a try…. wow. Very soft and comfortable. These are my new summertime bed sheets. I am very hot natured and easily sweat in the middle of the night during the summer. Despite this I am not a top-of-the-covers sleeper; I must have something over me. These are so soft and light weight I’m really loving them.

    — Kenneth C. | Asheville, NC


    I usually don’t purchase a microfiber product, but the price was so reasonable, and the thread count is high..so I decided to take the chance..and I am very glad that I did!!! SOFT, SOFT, AND THEN SOME!!! BEST OF ALL…… N O W R I N K L E S!!!!!! Happy Me!!! These are so much better than many others that are quite costly….you will love them, as I do.

    — Karen S. | Houston, TX