Top 5 Cozy Blankets for Fall

Fall is our favorite season at CozyHome because it’s a time when we get to share the warmth of our amazing collections of bedding and blankets that can keep you cozy all winter long. This is the time of year that most of us start buying winter clothing and bedding. Staying warm and cozy in winter can be a challenge in certain parts of the country, but it’s much easier with cozy blankets and throws from

In this article, we feature the top 5 cozy blankets for Fall which you can buy with just a click of your mouse from  Ensure that you and your loved ones get the comfort and warmth you need in the upcoming winter season and avoid the inconvenient chill of the cold weather.

Textured Scalloped Throw with Sherpa Back

Cozy Blankets for Fall

This reverse plush throw is made of 100% polyester and uses a beautiful scallop design. Its warmth and charm keep you cozy during winter months. It’s machine washable and measures 50 inches * 60 inches. It is made using hypoallergenic materials and is suitable for everyone. It’s available in Navy, Silver, and Taupe colors. Click here to buy this item.

Oversized Southwestern Throw with Reverse Sherpa

Cozy Blankets for Fall

This oversized southwestern throw is 100% polyester-made and incorporates unique geometrical shapes which played an important role in Native American artistry and is a reminiscent of a lost heritage. It beautifully combines a blend of deep reds with rich turquoise and fiery oranges, colors naturally found in abundance in nature. It’s machine washable and measures 60” *80”.  Buy this item here.

Damask Throw with Sherpa Back

Cozy Blankets for Fall

This stylish throw from our fall collection features a Damask design with Sherpa back and is made of polyester and microplush. It’s hypoallergenic and features floral, damask, and geometric patterns which when combined creates a picturesque appearance, aesthetically pleasing to the human eye.

It’s available in blue, grey, and brown colors and measures 50” * 60”. You can easily wash it in a washing machine. Buy this item here.

Animal-Print Oversized Deluxe Sherpa Throw

Cozy Blankets for Fall

This oversized deluxe Sherpa throw beautifully combines eye-catching colors with animal shapes and patterns which remind us of Mother Nature. It’s available in Cow Splash, Leopard, and Tiger colors and measures 60” * 80”. It’s made of hypoallergenic materials and is ideal for someone who is looking forward to enjoy cozy and warm bed time in the coming winter. Buy this item here.

Solid Oversized Plush Throw

Cozy Blankets for Fall

This solid oversized plush throw stands out from the crowd due to its simplicity and luxurious design. It measures 60” * 80” and is available in Black, Brown, Magenta, Navy, Red, and Teal colors. It’s ideal for someone looking forward to enjoy a warm and cozy bed time in fall and upcoming winter.  This is also designed for people who may not like throws with printed patterns on them.  Click here to buy this item.


Wrapping Up

Blankets Fall Promo

So, these are our top blanket choices for fall. We’d also like to tell you about an existing promo that allows you to save up to 20% on any blanket which you purchase. Just use the coupon code COZYBLANKETS and save 20% on the price of each blanket. Hurry and Buy now as the stock may not last long enough! This promo will end soon as it’s intended only for fall shoppers. You must buy a blanket now to take advantage of these low prices.

Blankets for Fall, Cozy Blankets for Fall

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  • Great product at a great price

    Seems at all of the brick & mortar stores in my area, if you can get a set of sheets for $70, you’re getting a good deal. I was needing a set of queen sheets for a guest bedroom and didn’t want to spend that kind of money. I figured for the price I would give these a try…. wow. Very soft and comfortable. These are my new summertime bed sheets. I am very hot natured and easily sweat in the middle of the night during the summer. Despite this I am not a top-of-the-covers sleeper; I must have something over me. These are so soft and light weight I’m really loving them.

    — Kenneth C. | Asheville, NC


    I usually don’t purchase a microfiber product, but the price was so reasonable, and the thread count is I decided to take the chance..and I am very glad that I did!!! SOFT, SOFT, AND THEN SOME!!! BEST OF ALL…… N O W R I N K L E S!!!!!! Happy Me!!! These are so much better than many others that are quite costly….you will love them, as I do.

    — Karen S. | Houston, TX